For those interested in the Income investment strategy, let's have a quiz!

1. Which stocks should you buy and why?

2. How should you evaluate the merits of the stocks you are considering?

3. When should you invest more money into new stocks or the ones you already own?

4. When should you sell your stocks?

5. Should you be worried when the market and prices are going down? Why?

6. Should you diversify into other stocks, sectors and markets?

7. Should you worry about Asset allocation and rebalancing? Why?

8. Should you worry if your stocks don’t perform as well as the market? Why?

9. When should you invest in ETFs, Mutual funds, Bonds and GICs?

10. How do you determine how well your stocks are performing?

Nothing too difficult, I hope and I'll post my answers later. My answers won't necessarily be the correct answers, just my opinion. I'll also link to other bloggers who plan to answer the questions on their own site.  Should be interesting.

Go here to see my comments and the link to other blogger comments: Comments & Answers


  1. Posted blog post. Thanks for the inclusion Henry

  2. I have tried to find your email to no avail. It's to do with the pdf update. I purchased your book on Amazon back in May or June.

    1. Bonnie: look at the last page of the book "About the Author" for the email.

  3. Thank you for posting these great questions. :) I had fun answering them:

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, did you get them all correct? Just kidding.


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